Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the Internship?

The Internship runs from mid-July through mid-May, with 2-3 weeks off for Christmas. Your first four weeks as an intern will be intensive training at the Axis HQ to prepare you for traveling, speaking, and mentoring students.

How many presentations will I need to learn?

You will need to learn about 21 presentations or 24 hours worth of material, which will be taught during training. Don’t worry, we will give you the information, skills, practice, and confidence you need to succeed!

What are the Axis presentations like?

Our presentations are highly interactive and visual- very different from a typical chapel or classroom setting. Travel team members are always engaging with the audience to maintain the student’s energy. We speak to the students through a familiar medium by using 50+ media clips per presentation in order to establish a relatable framework to create space for meaningful conversations. Above all, the presentation sessions encourage students to analyze pop-culture through the lens of a Christian worldview.

To see a quick video of a team in action, click here. To learn more about our presentations, click here.

Can I get college credit?

Axis IS able to offer college credit for the internship only with your College/University’s approval. It is imperative to talk with your appointing advisor to clarify your undergraduate requirements. Also, it is possible to defer your student loans another year while interning with Axis. For further information about the deferment process, please ask.

Why is training so long? Do I need to be there for all of it?

Training is 4 weeks long because you will be learning a LOT of material during that time. It is essential and absolutely required that you are present for all of training. Here is a sample Schedule that you might experience during Training. here.

Where would I live?

If you don’t already live in Colorado Springs, you will live in a host home. These hosts are generous people in the community who are willing to open their homes to you and Axis.

Do I get any time off and/or free time?

Yes, there are opportunities for time off and/or free time for both travel and office intern positions. Interns will be expected to work no more than eight hours per day, whether you are on the road or at the Axis HQ.

Travel Intern: Due to the nature of a travel intern’s schedule, time for rest will depend on the length of travel and commitments on the road, however there will be at least one day per week designated for rest while traveling. Upon returning to Colorado Springs, travel interns will also have time allotted for rest in consideration to the number of days on the road.

Office Intern: An in-office intern’s schedule is more consistent than an intern who travels. Interns who primarily work at HQ will have two days off per week (Saturday and Sunday).

What can I do during my time off?

During time off we encourage interns to take advantage of the exciting things to do in Colorado Springs; whether you enjoy attending concerts, exploring the outdoors, or appreciate local coffee shops, there’s always something to do! However you best rejuvenate, it is essential to utilize your time off to rest and process your travels. Whether a travel or an office intern, we recommend staying in Colorado Springs during your time off and investing in the community around you and one outside of Axis to cultivate new friendships!

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