Early Application = More Benefits

Deadline: February 14, 2018

Applying by the early application deadline is the quickest way to find out if you’re hired for the internship and the best way to secure your spot before they fill up! In addition, applicants selected during the early application period will get to choose whether they will be on a Road Team or on the Flex Team.* However, this is a highly competitive round of hiring in which only the most outstanding, committed applicants will be selected. If that’s you, we encourage you to apply today!

*Applicants selected after the early application process will be placed on a team by Axis depending on what is best for their personalities and for each team.

Should I Apply Early?

If the following describes you, we highly recommend you apply by the early application deadline:

  • I’m pretty certain I want to do the Axis Internship next year.
  • I meet or exceed all of the application criteria.
  • I want to make a decision about the upcoming school year as soon as possible.
  • I want to choose whether I want to be a Traveling Intern or an Office Intern!
  • I hate waiting to know whether I’ve been hired or not.
  • I’m able to complete all components of the application in a timely manner (this includes recording a video, answering some writing prompts, and getting 3 references).
  • I’m able to schedule two 45-minute video-chat or in-person interviews during the hours of 8a and 5p Mountain Time Monday through Friday sometime before the deadline or in the two weeks following.

If you’re unsure about whether you’d like to do the Internship next year or have any other reservations, that’s ok! You can still apply by the regular application deadline of April 18, 2018. In the meantime, please email us at internship@axis.org with your questions.

What If I Missed the Early Deadline?

No sweat! You can still apply by the regular deadline (April 18, 2018) to be considered. If we fill all available spots during the early application process, we will keep your application on file for consideration for the following school year if you desire.