Apprenticeship Details

General Purpose/Summary

The Axis Apprenticeship Program is designed to expose Apprentices to public speaking situations, non-profit-ministry-related responsibilities, student mentorship interactions, and team-centric ministry, all while learning more about several different theological and philosophical viewpoints. There are extensive times of learning and training for Apprentices, concerning both theological material and professional skills. Apprentices will also learn skills for public speaking, meeting and communicating with varied audiences, professional traveling, and apologetics. Apprentices may also learn research, study, and presentation-creation skills. Apprentices work directly with Axis Directors and staff to minister to families.

Job Type

This is a 9 month unpaid Apprenticeship. It requires an average of 40 hours per week on the road and at the Axis HQ. Travel for Axis is a requirement and key aspect of this position. The Axis week varies based upon travel schedules. Some weekends may be required.

Direct Supervisors

Live Experience Directors

HQ Location

8655 Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Financial Compensation

There is no financial compensation. This is an experience-based apprenticeship. However, ALL travel and living expenses while on Axis trips will be paid for by Axis. All living expenses outside of Axis trips are the sole responsibility of the Apprentice. All travel to and from Colorado Springs before and after the apprenticeship is the responsibility of the Apprentice. There is a small, taxable monthly stipend for off-setting your living costs.


A laptop or tablet is highly recommended during training. If you have one or can borrow one, please bring it. All Axis equipment used during the duration of the Apprenticeship is the property of Axis and shall be returned upon completion of the Apprenticeship position. This includes deleting all of Axis’ intellectual property off personal computers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

As an Apprentice, you must be able to:

  • Speak on an Axis team at Axis events under the supervision of the Live Experience Director
  • Seek to develop relationships with students, parents, teachers, and administrators at every opportunity
  • Clearly articulate the vision/mission of Axis
  • Develop papers, outlines, or research material, under the supervision of Axis staff, to be utilized by Axis
  • Acquire, research, analyze, and present Axis cultural examples
  • Assist in brainstorming and creating unique teaching tools and tactics
  • Attend all Axis meetings, practices, and events as requested (i.e. the night before speaking at a venue, you will probably meet with your team to go over parts and practice as necessary).
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor (i.e. data entry, social media contributions, writing, photography, etc.)

Managerial Breadth/Scope of Job

  • Help supervise Axis volunteers as requested.
  • Work and collaborate with other staff as your equals.

Working Environment/Physical Requirements

  • Be willing and able to travel up to 200 days during your Apprenticeship.
  • Be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

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