About the Internships


The Axis Internships are an experience you will never forget! As either an Axis Ambassador or an Office Intern (see below), you will be part of helping parents disciple students in today’s world and helping the next generations have lifelong faith in Christ. Hone your skills and experience to contribute meaningful work behind the scenes at Axis, or gain invaluable public speaking and interpersonal skills while traveling the country. Either way, you won’t be the same at the end!

Being on an Axis team is a fun, challenging, and life-changing experience. If you are a professional individual who has a high level of responsibility, is teachable and willing to learn, and is comfortable speaking to large groups, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

Axis Ambassador v. Office Intern

We desire to utilize your unique talents and ability to reach the next generation with life-altering truth, which is why we offer two types of Internships: Axis Ambassador Internship and Office Internships. You can indicate which you are most interested in applying for on your application!

Axis Ambassador
As an Axis Ambassador Intern, you will travel all over the country (and possibly internationally!) with 1-2 other speakers for up to 3 weeks every month. You will speak at Christian schools, colleges, churches, and conferences about worldviews, intentional living, the influence of technology and pop culture, discipleship, and much more!

Office Team
As an Office intern, you will be able to structure your time here based on your passions. We will work directly with you to find work that increases Axis’ impact while utilizing your interests and skills. Areas include photography, videography/video editing, graphic design, research, writing, marketing, content creation, or sales. Once your area of interest is identified you will be place in one of the four departments at Axis. There is also more flexibility in how long your internship could be. You are able intern with Axis for 3 months (summer) or 5 months (semester).

Benefits of Being an Intern

Learn by Doing
As an Axis Intern, you will learn a lot. Besides working alongside The Director of Live Experience and learning all of the Axis presentation material, you will also be able to contribute to other areas of Axis’ work.

Influence and Love Others
Interning with Axis gives you hands-on experience in what it is like to minister to and teach hundreds of people at a time.

Live in Missional Community
You will be a part of the unique Axis community. Part of living in missional community means living with other Axis Interns and spending time with Axis staff and their families. This community is reciprocal in nature: Many things you take for granted will be challenged while you are similarly challenging others. You will be more than just an intern; you will be a part of the mission of Axis, which invites you to a new lifestyle of questioning assumptions, interpreting the world around you, and changing your habits while helping others change as well.

Go On a Purposeful Adventure 
Whether an Axis Ambassador or Office Intern, you will get to experience many new situations, relationships, cultures, foods, and ideas. These experiences give you the opportunity to mature, grow, and have a lot of fun in the process! You may even get the chance to cross a few things off your bucket list. . .

Our Internships are designed to help you thrive as a Christian. In addition to learning and teaching with Axis, you will also be discipled while learning what it means to disciple. You will be equipped to take on a lifetime of helping others grow in the knowledge of Christ, something you can take into every area of your life.

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