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Axis Apprenticeship

Travel North America speaking on worldview, technology, and pop-culture
 Create meaningful conversations with students, parents, and teachers
 Help the next gen have lifelong faith in Jesus
 Translate culture by analyzing pop-culture trends
Flexible to the needs of the Office
 Live in Colorado

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Why Axis?

We have a unique approach

As Culture Translators, we serve as the bridge between generations, helping them speak the same language and have discussions about things that matter. We do this by translating student culture so that parents understand what’s influencing their children and how they can disciple them accordingly, while translating big ideas from top Christian thinkers into terms that students can understand and relate to. Finally, we go to students and meet them where they are, on their level.

About Axis

Why You?

You care about the next generation

You’ve had friends walk away from God in search of something better. Or you yourself chose that path at one point and have seen how empty it is. So now you want to be part of helping students see Truth and pursue life to the fullest, which can only be found through Christ! Whether you’re on the road or at the HQ helping things run, you can know that you’re making an eternal difference in the lives of families around the country.

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